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The mid day fix for your sports talk itch. It’s sports with an emphasis on fun. Clint Scott, Chris Snead, and Jamie Lent, talk Texas Tech sports and athletics, Big 12, Pro Sports such as NFL and NBA

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6 hours ago

Chois and Josh discussed Josh's love life, Major League 2 hidden facts, Tech taking on UT in the Big12 tournament, the worst drivers in America, and what ACC schools you'd steal if you could.

5 days ago

Chois, Snead, and Josh discussedScottie Scheffler's arrest, the two different camps from both sides of the story, forgotten athletes, manners at the table, and how to properly eat at a crawfish boil.

6 days ago

Chois, Snead, and Josh discussed old t-shirts, embarrassing losses in Big 12 football, NFL schedule releases, picked their favorite teams records, and who they think will be the next Texas based team to win a championship.

7 days ago

Chois, Snead, and Josh discussed parents using your full name, arachnophobia being a cinematic masterpiece, Dallas based teams in the playoffs, Doug Gotlieb's new job, and other sports media members they'd love to see be a coach.

Tuesday May 14, 2024

Chois, Snead, and Rob discussed Texas Tech's run since Tim Tadlock took over as head coach, how to know if you're old, met Rob Breaux, went over Texas Tech memories, and broke down the five most important Red Raiders for the upcoming football season.

Monday May 13, 2024

Chois, Snead, and Jamie discussed Great Osobor's NIL deal with Washington, what the expectations should be with a large NIL deal, Red Raiders in the UFL, what Tech needs to do to make the NCAA Tournament, and their concerns for Texas Tech football next season.

Friday May 10, 2024

Jeff, Matt, and Josh discussed the Red Raiders series against Oklahoma State, the NBA playoffs current series, who they like to move on to the next round, what would need to happen for this area to care about the association, what they're most confident in for the upcoming football season, and discussed Red Raider baseball's NCAA tournament chances.

Thursday May 09, 2024

Clint Scott, Matt Estenson and Josh Faupel get into headlines for today in the world of sports starting with Texas Tech Softball walking off Iowa State, Rangers win the series vs the Oakland Athletics, Astros lose in game 2 to the Yankees, Local playoff action, the Mavericks and the Stars take on game 2 tonight for a chance to bounce back as they both fell. The guys respond to a comment made by Austin Rivers about NBA Players thriving in the NFL. Clint goes through a list on CBS of the NFL Power Rankings for the quarterbacks for next season. The Question of the Day centers around Tech Football's Big 12 schedule asking which 2 games would be the toughest losses to take? The guys answer a comment from the chatline pertaining to a Dak Prescott and Brock Purdy swap and what that would result for both their programs.

Wednesday May 08, 2024

Chois, Snead, and Jamie discussed bad drivers, Shadeur Sanders new music career, their spotify playlists, bird noises, the best decades, and picked athletes to play different sports.

Tuesday May 07, 2024

Chois, Matt, and Jamie discussed the Kentucky Derby weekend, the new Snoop Dogg sponsored bowl game, Upcoming athlete roasts, Jamie's newest welt, who will be overrated in the Big 12 next season, and discussed who at Ramar would be fun to roast.


The Bottom Line

The mid day fix for your sports talk itch. It's sports with an emphasis on fun.

Jamie Lent and Chris Snead talk Texas Tech Sports and athletics, Big 12, Pro Sports such as NFL and NBA

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